Swinerton Completes First Interim Supportive Housing Facility for Rohnert Park Ahead of Schedule

With a mutual understanding of the pressing issue of homelessness, DignityMoves, a local nonprofit working to end unsheltered street homelessness, partnered with Swinerton Builders to fast-track a solution to assist those facing this hardship. They have helped mend a community by providing Labath Landing, the first interim supportive housing facility for Rohnert Park.

Labath Landing opened its doors to its first tenants on October 24, 2022, 7.5 weeks earlier than the originally anticipated completion date. This 60-unit facility provides shelter, safety, and resources for those seeking change, support, and hope as they strive to get back on their feet. HomeFirst Services will be providing case management, support services, and meals to help residents and help connect them to job training and healthcare.

On November 8, 2022, Rohnert Park’s Mayor, Jackie Elward, publicly recognized the project team as Swinerton Senior Superintendent Ryan Campbell was awarded the Certificate of Recognition for the Labath Landing project.

“It’s not just about building something. There’s a lot of hope you have put in these people’s lives. You are changing the course of those that felt rejected and abandoned. You have given them that self-confidence of believing in themselves,” said Elward.

With precise coordination and high-quality workmanship, Swinerton and subcontractors, including Vince Sigal Electric, were able to ensure the housing would be available before temperatures drop, relieving many of the potential worries to come. This project quickly became a priority for the entire team, working seven days a week, dusk to dawn, until the development was complete. A key component of Swinerton’s success was the integrated collaboration with our in-house self-perform concrete team, ensuring confidence in the quality of work, safety, and proper execution.

“We worked with our design partner, Gensler, and our structural engineer, Degenkolb Engineers, to creatively come up with solutions to provide a design that was constructible within an accelerated time frame as well as trade partners who who worked daily and expedited materials to meet this advanced schedule,” said Swinerton Project Executive and Sonoma resident, Stuart Price.

The state’s Project Homekey funded this $15 million development and approved the $14.6 million funding request late last year. Rohnert Park later qualified for a $600,000 “early occupancy” bonus to use for operating costs. Labath Landing will be operated by HomeFirst, a nonprofit leading the way in serving and sheltering those experiencing homelessness in the Bay Area, who will provide on-site case management and mental health counseling to all residents.

“Thank you very much for providing this path for folks that are living on the street and moving to temporary housing. I’ve been out there several times and, in every instance, not only are your contractors still out there, but the location is well-maintained, clean, and welcoming,” said Councilmember Gerard Guidice. “It’s been a blessing to our community.”

The partnership between DignityMoves and Swinerton continues to grow strongly as Swinerton recently broke ground at Dignity Village, another interim supportive housing development in Alameda and completed the 33 Gough Street facility in San Francisco earlier this year.

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