Colorado’s Interns Giving Back

At  Swinerton, interns or Swinterns as we like to call them, have many tasks and activities that allow them to get a grasp of what it’s like working in the construction industry and also  includes a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) component. One of the unique and fun CSR activities Swinterns get to participate in is the annual “Stuff the Bus” event hosted by MEED (Minority Enterprise & Educational Development) who support 3,500 students in the ESSA Title Programs at Denver Public Schools which oversees the Homeless Education Network, Foster and Kinship Care, Migrant Education and Military-Connected programs.

This summer, the Swinterns took the lead and came together to come up with a fun way to collect as many school supplies and backpacks as possible by creating a competition between jobsites. Thanks to the friendly competition, the Colorado Swintern Class of 2019 collected eight times more school supplies than last year and donated them to Denver Public Schools who will distribute the supplies to their homeless student program.

The Swinerton Foundation rewards its employees with dollars for doers for each hour of community service they volunteer. This money is available for the employee to donate towards a non-profit organization of their choice.  This year the intern class collectively raised $3,687.50 and chose to donate the funds to the Jeffco Schools Foundation because of the positive impacts it has on its students.

“Being able to be part of the Stuff the Bus school drive has been one of the most rewarding experiences this summer because the resources we can provide to the community.  Everyone deserves the opportunity to obtain a high-quality education with the required tools they need to be successful.”  said Bryan Flores, Colorado Swintern Class 2019.

This year’s Swinerton Class is made up of students who attend the following universities: Denver University, Colgate University, Washington State University, Kansas State University, and Colorado State University.