Meet Stacy Rudd

Swinerton is proud to announce Stacy Rudd, AIA, as leader of the Dallas team. He brings more than 26 years of construction expertise in Texas, and his clients range from the Children’s Medical Center to the Texas Retired Teachers Association headquarters. Stacy has also completed numerous office spaces for a wide variety of tech firms in Texas.

Q: What is the most rewarding part of your job?
A: The people. Working with such a diverse group of high-performing leaders who really care about each other. I enjoy mentoring, and the MOST rewarding part of my job is when I can successfully help others advance their careers.

Q: Why are you proud to work for Swinerton?
A: Family, culture, and pride of ownership. Swinerton is a company that invests in its people and shares successes, which creates success for our clients.

Q: What does your typical day look like?
A: It’s a mix of managing resources, project pursuits and community involvement. Managing resources is so important to our livelihood. In order to care about people, I need to know them – their wants, needs and dreams. Helping them achieve those dreams drives me every day.

I also spend a fair amount of time pursuing new work opportunities for the Dallas office as well as all of Swinerton. Whether it’s nurturing existing relationships or fostering new ones, it’s important to connect with others to gain understanding of opportunities and future growth in the area.

My day also typically includes some sort of community engagement–which I enjoy immensely. Whether my time is spent doing volunteer work, contributing to charities, or meeting with our county and state lawmakers, I am committed to improving our communities in meaningful ways.

Q: What makes now an exciting time to be in Dallas?
A: The Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex is the largest inland MSA in the United States. Containing 13 counties, the area is home to 25 Fortune 500 companies, a client type that aligns with our strategic vision for Swinerton. Outstanding data and opportunities aside, what makes the metroplex great is the people. The unsurpassed diversity in this market makes it the most exciting place to work!

Fun Facts to Know about Stacy:

  • He was a kicker for the Texas Longhorns in the late 1980’s (“Hook ‘Em Horns”)
  • He was a state champion tennis player
  • He helped build a hospital out of sod bricks in Honduras during his college years
  • He is a registered architect in the State of Texas
  • He attended Princeton University and Rhode Island School of Design on an exchange program through the UT system
  • He is an avid archery hunter
  • He enjoys art museums and is an Impressionist painting enthusiast
  • Snow skiing, floating the Guadalupe River, and listening to live music are just some of his hobbies.

Welcome to Swinerton, Stacy!